1. Students and Workers are standing up to UCOP to demand a safe and democratically run university.

    As Students and Workers we recognize that the UC administration is preventing us from seeing our vision for a safe and democratic university.

    The University Intimidates Workers and Students. They use Unfair labor practices against workers who are fighting for fair working conditions and pay. They bring cops on campus to squelch student/worker dissent. They cut the budges of essential programs that move us to think critically about the university. We see that this is all part of a larger coordinated strategy to change the university for the worse.

    Service workers on campus, pushing back against impoverishment by the UC, and management’s illegal repression of their organizing against exploitation, have voted in favor of a strike and campus shutdown on November 20th.

    We join the strike because we see the governance of the University of California, as one that exacerbates inequality through fee hikes and wage cuts, in two-tiered pension plans, and slashed student services. But we will also join the strike because the managers of the UC continue to repress any resistance to their policies, in increased policing, in the hiring of Janet Napolitano, in the illegal intimidation of workers, and in the defunding of departments and programs that encourage activism and organizing.

    We join the strike because historically, concessions from administrators have followed campus shutdowns. The buck has to stop somewhere: if not now, then when? But we also join the strike because we know this fight will be a long one, and that we will need to build real relationships of support and survival between students and workers alike. We are sick of laboring for the University, who sees us as avenues of income, who needs us as things and not people. We want to labor for community, for ourselves, and each other.

    FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/724639574230380

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    Angie is so babely when she gets radical.
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    I’m all for better working conditions. But the last strike literally starved out the on-campus students and threw things...
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    Angie speaking some truth
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    How is this strike “actively harm[ing] the people they are trying to help/protect” exactly? The strike was voted on and...
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